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Optimet Scanners

The DSi 6000 scans steep angles, deep holes and undercuts with superior accuracy.

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The Optimet DSi 6000 Scanner uses patented proprietary conoscopic holographic technology that enables the scanning of deep preps to generate highly accurate and consistent scans from either stone models or impressions to create:

  • Copings, Full Contour Crowns, Onlays and Inlays from Impressions or Models
  • Bridges and Frameworks up to 14-units
  • Scan full jaw, quadrant and triple tray impressions with automatic occlusion registration
  • Implants and Implant Bars
  • Dentures from Impressions or Models
  • Scans without the use of spray powders
  • Create Printed Models from scanned impressions
  • Economically priced with no required annual fees
  • Fully integrated with exocad CAD software

Optimet’s proprietary ditching tool makes it possible to contour impressions like stone models

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