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AuriVest Investment is a fine-grain, phosphate-based, carbon-free investment specifically formulated to work the complete line of dental materials including:

  • Pressable ceramics
  • High noble casting golds
  • Ceramic alloys
  • Non-precious alloys

AuriVest Investment is suitable for quick burn-outs (less than 20 minutes), ringless technique when wax sprues are used or conventional burn-out, and paper-lined metal rings.

AuriVest provides the dental technician the following benefits:

  • Applicability with all types of pressable ceramics
  • Applicability with all types of metal alloys
  • Rapid burn-out
  • Easy devesting due to the non-adhering characteristics of the investment
  • Precise fit regardless of the material
  • Easy to mix and pour
  • Extra fine grain for exceptionally smooth castings

AuriVest comes in 100g packages with special liquid and instructions for all applications.

Download Instructions For Use.