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Finally: The Solution for Polishing Soft Dental Alloys

Aurident Polishing Compound and Kit provides the solution to the problem of polishing soft dental alloys. High gold content and other soft alloys present special challenges in polishing. These alloys often deform during polishing necessitating special attention involving tedious, time consuming techniques. The Aurident polishing compound allows technicians to save time and money in producing restorations that will impress patients and dentists.

Aurident has formulated a non-toxic, extremely fine particle polishing compound that facilitates polishing the softer dental alloys to a high sheen with a minimum effort. The polishing compound is packaged in convenient 10cc syringes to permit easy dispensing and still polish a large number of restorations.

Aurident, in conjunction with Brasseler Corp., assembled a kit of nine specially selected rotary tools designed for proper alloy surface preparation and application of the compound. Outstanding finish and luster is achievable in minimum time when using the kit’s components and the polishing compound.