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Aurident Zr Zirconia

Aurident Zr

Ideal for all Restorations


  • 1,100 MPa Flexural Strength
  • 47% Translucent
  • Made in the USA

Aurident Zr delivers the versatility and simplicity of one disc for both posterior and anterior restorations from single unit to long-span bridges.

Proudly made in the USA, it is currently available in shaded and unshaded options along with Aurident Zr coloring liquids.

All Aurident Zr Zirconia products are available in 98.5 diameter with thicknesses of 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 25mm.

Aurident Zr Products

Zirconia type Type Shades Strength Translucency
Aurident ZR Unshaded White 1100 47%
Aurident ZR Shaded 16 Vita 1100 47%

Aurident Zr Applications

Restoration Application
Anterior Crowns Yes
Posterior Crown Yes
3-Unit Bridges Yes
Inlay Yes
Onlay Yes
Hybrid Abutment Yes

Aurident Zr Price Chart

AZR12A0 Aurident Zr 12mm Unshaded Zirconia A0
AZR14A0 Aurident Zr 14mm Unshaded Zirconia A0
AZR16A0 Aurident Zr 16mm Unshaded Zirconia A0
AZR18A0 Aurident Zr 18mm Unshaded Zirconia A0
AZR20A0 Aurident Zr 20mm Unshaded Zirconia A0
AZR25A0 Aurident Zr 25mm Unshaded Zirconia A0
AZRL70A1 Aurident Zr Shade A1 70ml Solution Shading Liquid A1
AZRL70A2 Aurident Zr Shade A2 70ml Solution Shading Liquid A2
AZRL70A3 Aurident Zr Shade A3 70ml Solution Shading Liquid A3
AZRL70A3.5 Aurident Zr Shade A3.5 70ml Solution Shading Liquid A3.5
AZRL70A4 Aurident Zr Shade A4 70ml Solution Shading Liquid A4
AZRL70B1 Aurident Zr Shade B1 70ml Solution Shading Liquid B1
AZRL70B2 Aurident Zr Shade B2 70ml Solution Shading Liquid B2
AZRL70B3 Aurident Zr Shade B3 70ml Solution Shading Liquid B3
AZRL70B4 Aurident Zr Shade B4 70ml Solution Shading Liquid B4
AZRL70C1 Aurident Zr Shade C1 70ml Solution Shading Liquid C1
AZRL70C2 Aurident Zr Shade C2 70ml Solution Shading Liquid C2
AZRL70C3 Aurident Zr Shade C3 70ml Solution Shading Liquid C3
AZRL70C4 Aurident Zr Shade C4 70ml Solution Shading Liquid C4
AZRL70D2 Aurident Zr Shade D2 70ml Solution Shading Liquid D2
AZRL70D3 Aurident Zr Shade D3 70ml Solution Shading Liquid D3
AZRL70D4 Aurident Zr Shade D4 70ml Solution Shading Liquid D4
AZRL30YE Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Yellow Color Modifier Liquid YELLOW
AZRL30BR Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Brown Color Modifier Liquid BROWN
AZRL30BLI Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Blue-Incisal Color Modifier Liquid BLUE-INCISAL
AZRL30LGI Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Light Gray – Incisal Color Modifier Liquid INCISAL
AZRL30DGI Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Dark Gray – Incisal Color Modifier Liquid INCISAL
AZRL30LP Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Light Pink Color Modifier Liquid LIGHT PINK
AZRL30MP Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Medium Pink Color Modifier Liquid MEDIUM PINK
AZRL30DP Aurident Zr 30ml Modifier – Dark Pink Color Modifier Liquid DARK PINK
AZRL30OM1 Aurident Zr 30ml Bleach – OM1 Bleach Liquid OM1
AZRL30OM2 Aurident Zr 30ml Bleach – OM2 Bleach Liquid OM2
AZRL30OM2 Aurident Zr 30ml Bleach – OM2 Bleach Liquid OM2
AZRL30OM3 Aurident Zr 30ml Bleach – OM3 Bleach Liquid OM3