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Ultrafast Scanner at an Economical Price

  • Blue Light Scanning Technology

    • The Blue Light Scanning Technology is equipped with color texture scan function. Texture and markings on plaster models are captured for reference markings in digital design or support for removable dentures.
  • Automatic Scanning Technology

    • Software allows the scanning of plaster models, wax-up reverse scans and impressions with a user friendly interface.
  • Ultrafast Scans

    • Scan jaws in 18 seconds, full arch in 6s, and 2-8 teeth in 20sec. This increases productivity and utility of the scanner.


Camera Resolution 1,300,000
Accuracy <10┬Ám
Scanning Time full arch 6s
upper jaw / lower jaw 18s
1~8 teeth 20s
impression 80s
Interface USB 3.0

STL Scan Files From DS200

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