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AccuFab-D1 Dental 3D Printer

AccuFab-D1 Dental 3D Printer

AccuFab-D1 is a desktop DLP dental 3D printer specially developed for use in digital dentistry. It comes with SHINING 3D’s own optimized data planning and printing control software, which ensures a user-friendly and intuitive workflow. AccuFab-D1 features high print resolution and an outstanding efficiency; it can be used in multiple applications maintaining great accuracy. This is the ideal printer solution for all dental customers wishing to enter into the era of digital production.


Ultra-high Details

Use an advanced algorithm with Full-HD 1080p projector to print ultra-fine details.

High Efficiency

With a build volume of 144*81*180mm and a print speed of up to 40mm/h, AccuFab-D1 is able to print 120 wax-up crowns in approximately 45 minutes, or 4 arch models in an hour.

Wide Range of Applications

AccuFab-D1 can be applied in a wide range of applications, such as dental working model, wax-up, surgical guide, gingiva, customized impression tray, bracket transfer tray, etc.

Intuitive Operation

Powered by SHINING 3D’s self-developed software, AccuFab-D1 supports Z-axis auto-calibration, automatic support creation, for convenient post-processing.

Wireless Connection

It supports Wi-Fi connection, offering a smooth process of data transfer and print.

Open System & Material

AccuFab-D1 imports STL format data and provides flexible options for printing materials.


  • Dental Model
  • Castable Wax-up
  • Surgical Guide
  • Gingiva Mask
  • Individual Impression Tray
  • Bracket Transfer Tray

3D Printing Materials

SHINING 3D offers flexible material options for various dental applications. You could use either Shining Dent materials or your preferred third-party materials.

Tech Specs

Model AccuFab-D1
Machine Size 394×406×755mm
Weight 30kg
Build Envelope (X/Y/Z) 144×81×180mm
Print Speed 40mm/h *
Layer Thickness 25μm, 50μm, 100μm
DLP Native Resolution 1920 x 1080 , 1080p
Material Option Open
Interface USB/Ethernet/Wi-Fi
Power Supply 220V, 50W

* The print speed varies and it is directly related to the different types of material or layer thickness.

* Notice: SHINING 3D reserves the right to introduce modifications or alterations to any of the specifications and images used in this document.