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Aurident’s New MATRIX Diamond Polishing Compound for Porcelain.

Features and Benefits

MATRIX is custom designed to adhere to any porcelain surface (PFM’s pressables, CAD/CAM ceramic
surface or composites) during polishing.

MATRIX‘s high diamond concentration assures a great polish with a minimum quantity of material.

Restorations can be polished in 20 seconds or less with MATRIX.

Fine anatomical detail, often lost by traditional glazing, is preserved by polishing with MATRIX.

MATRIX cleans easily with water or alcohol in an ultrasonic cleaner

Professional Testimonials Concerning MATRIX

“The polishing composition is exceedingly good. It allows us to correct minor as well as major, porcelain chairside adjustments without reglazing.”

Chuck Cook, CDT
Cook Dental Studios
Manchester, New Hampshire

“The polishing compound worked very well on porcelain and pressable crowns.”

Gary Sexton, CDT
Sexton Precision Dental Ceramics
Garden Valley, California

“A very easy to use product. I like that it can be used with a brush type wheel because it gets into the occlusal surfaces.”

David Novak
Chain O’Lake Dental Lab Inc.
lake Villa, Illinois